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Comparing Dynasties - USC vs. The U

Lets have some fun...This will be an interesting comparison but hardly scientific. I wanted to look at this a little more carefully but 'tis the season and there is still much to do with work and such.

I got a real kick out of Watching ESPN's 30-and-30 documentary on "The U."

I thought it was fascinating. Miami was the team that kept me interested in CFB when I first moved to the east coast.

I saw a lot of this team when I moved to the east coast...they were "THEE team". Back then SC wasn't on TV unless it was a bowl game or an ND game. Occasionally they would have the USC/ucla game on but most of time it was ACC/Big East or Miami on TV when I lived in DC.

Miami was an absolute monster program back then. Miami defined the term "reload". They had some of the toughest and nastiest players in Division 1 and they had plenty in reserve. Miami has put a ton of players into the NFL. They hold the record of at least one UM player drafted in the first round for 14 straight years.

After watching "The U" twice I decided to check out the the 'Canes boards for their take. I knew that some of the Miami faithful would not be happy with how the program was portrayed. There were a few things left out (like BC beating Miami or the probation that the program was put on under Schnelly) and few players that weren't interviewed for the piece that played significant roles in the porgram over the years (Jim Kelly, Warren Sapp (he declined), Ray Lewis, Randy Shannon (not allowed by UM) etc). The University of Miami did not sanction or support this piece in any way but regardless of that, the piece was pretty much spot on.

I was curious as to what Miami fans thought bout the piece and in do so I did find one interesting thread over on the 'Canes Scout Board that I thought was pretty thought provoking (I am going to cut and paste a lot of this and jump around a bit).

At first glance who had the better run?

USC (2002-2008)
Miami (1986-1992)
Overall Record 82-9 78-6
Bowl Record 6-1 5-2
MNC's 2 3
Played in MNC Games
3 5

Pretty impressive records.

Miami has the better Win/Loss % but USC has a better Bowl record.

The "Played in MNC Games" is a bit misleading because of the fraud that is the BCS coming into the picture after Miami's run and SC being tied to the Rose Bowl.

Some other intangibles (pulled from various posts in the thread but cross checked at CFB DataWarehouse)...

SC went on their run with about 15 fewer scholarships.

Miami's longest winning streak was 29 vs. USC's 34.

USC won 38 straight regular season games while Miami won 35. Miami did not lose a home game in that time frame (they hold the record at 58)

USC in the polls #4 #1 #1* #2 #4 #3 #3 (All AP), 7 straight Pac-10 titles. *33 straight weeks ranked #1

Miami in the polls #2, #1, #2, #1, #3, #1**, #2 (All AP). **20 straight weeks ranked #1 (#2 behind USC's 33 weeks). Miami was independent until they joined the Big east in 1991

SC has a better "OOC schedule" but because Miami was an Independent for most of that time frame they played a lot of tough teams as well but it also looks like scheduled a few non-division 1 schools too.

SC was hamstrung by a weaker than normal Pac-10. It is tough to make this comparison but I still have to lean Miami here. They played a lot of top teams back then and beat a number of conference champions. For the most part they hid from no one...

Home vs. Away games is pretty balanced between the schools.

Miami had a running start for their run with six solid seasons previous to the time frame in question while SC basically had to start from a standstill. This goes to recruiting talent and TV exposure. Miami had their pick of the litter while SC started from scratch...and the first building block for USC was Shaun Cody. Miami was always on TV nationally while SC languished because of Hansen's lack of vision in promoting the Pac-10.

Now this is just a comparison to Miami. You can't ignore what FSU and Nebraska did in the 90's. Both of those programs were incredible as well.

Anyway, I thought this was I wanted to throw it out there.

I kind of have to lean towards Miami because they played a lot of tough teams throughout this run. They had some cupcakes here and there but they weren't hampered by a down conference like SC was because USC was so dominant.

I anyone has any more pertinent info please post it up!

So, who was more dominant in your eyes?