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Army/Navy Game Open Thread

I will always cherish my time in the Navy...

It gave me so many great opportunities and great experiences. I could not be where I am in life today without those eight years.

I enjoyed many Navy football games while I was stationed in Bethesda and after my discharge when I still lived in Maryland. You could never get me to root against Navy...even if that means that a Navy win today gives ucla a bowl berth.

Navy has seen a resurgence under both Paul Johnson and Ken Niumatalolo. But they had some good games under Charlie Weatherbie.

There is all sorts of tradidtion in college football but nothing quite like this...

There are no special admits into the service academies. There are very few dreams that are ever completed by playing in the pros. At the end of the road there is a five year commitment and in this current time that means a trip to Iraq or Afghanistan. These guys have a schedule that is unmatched in college sports...especially the plebe year.

One of my favorite books is "A Civil War" by John Feinstein. Even though I am not the biggest fan of Feinstein, I do like his writing. Feinstein always captures the moment.

Over the years I have seen some in the sports media diminish this game. They could not be more wrong. There is no glory for these players. There is no big payday at the end of their time at their respective schools. They display a sense of sportsmanship that is UNMATCHED in all of sports...while they may be on opposite of the field today they are on the same team in a much bigger, much more important game.

Is it sappy and sentimental? Yes.

But you have to live the experience to fully understand it. This is the only game I know where a full blown Admiral will high-five a lowly seaman when Navy beats Army.

I don't normally put a thread up for the Army/Navy Game but for some reason this season I felt that was the right thing to do.

This should be a fun one!

I want to see a lot of this today!!!!