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Stafon Johnson headed to the NFL?

I am on the record of saying that I doubt he would ever play again because of the nature of this injury.

That being said...

USC senior RB Stafon Johnson, who has missed most of this season after crushing his larynx in a freak weightlifting accident, will not apply for a medical hardship and will turn pro. His uncle, Kregg Anderson, said Johnson has notified USC coach Pete Carroll of the decision.

Johnson could have petitioned the NCAA for another year of eligibility because of his injury. He instead opted for the NFL and has begun training in suburban Los Angeles.

Anderson said Johnson has been medically cleared and that his weight is up to 214 pounds after dipping to 188 following the accident in which he dropped a barbell on his throat while bench pressing. Johnson’s playing weight was around 220, and the only residual effects of the accident are to the volume of his voice.

In Johnson’s initial public comments, he raspily said: "God has a plan. Run, Stafon, run."

What does one consider medically cleared?

Anyway this is not surprising...We all saw him come out with the seniors on senior day.

But, until I actually see him take a bone crushing hit I will be skeptical that he will be able to play. This is definitely the right move for Stafon. He may only get one shot at this so he has to make the jump!

I hope I am wrong. I hope he makes me eat my words. I hope you all ridicule me for being wrong...that is how bad I want to see him play again but I just have a tough time seeing it happen.

Lets hope for the best.