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Wait...So ucla now has the hot hand?

So let me get this straight...after opening Pac-10 play to an 0-5 record ucla pulls off three straight wins and they suddenly have the hot hand as they go into this weekends game at the Coliseum?


Well, you gotta love the press... they are nothing if not consistent.

On Saturday, second-year UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel and his once-struggling team will arrive at the Coliseum riding a three-game Pac-10 winning streak. The 6-5 Bruins have designs on a postseason invitation.

"They're trying to get moving forward and make progress in the program," Carroll said last week. "It would be the biggest win in years for them for all the right reasons.

"Three-game Pac-10 winning streak."

Let that sink in there for a second...

ucla has wins against...Wazzu, UW, and ASU in their past three games. Not exactly Pac-10 power houses.

OK, OK, lets get this out of the way...USC did lose to Washington and they barely beat ASU but SC played both of those games on the road. ucla played ASU ans UW at home...not that the Rose Bowl was a packed house (at the bottom) but you get my drift. The guys on the other blog were not happy about that either...

As I said earlier today the press is dying for a new story to write about...They are pushing this narrative with the hope that they can finally be rid of USC.

As we saw this past weekend in Palo Alto, anything can happen in a rivalry game.


Not likely...I think SC will win and even if SC loses this weekend SC is not going away and ucla will still know...ucla. They will get one signature win every couple of years then they wet the bed.

I found this take interesting...

The Bruins will soon dive into USC game footage, hoping to find ways to exploit the Trojans' sometimes-sketchy defense.

You mean with ucla's sketchy offense. Wait I am supposed to be worried because of Norm Chow right?


They aren't all that...Oh they will get some yards and they will score some points but I like USC's defensive line against ucla's offensive line any day of the week.

Hey, its going to be a fun day regardless of the outcome...I will probably bite my finger nails to the nub but that is what rivalry games are all about. Yo me this is the only game that really matters the others are just stepping stones to get here.