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Stanford's USC Hangover

Ed. Note...We will jump in with both feet for ucla week tomorrow - P

So, I didn't see the game between Cal and Stanford but it would appear that Stanford had a little bit of hangover from beating USC last week.

WTF...I thought these guys were supposed to be the second coming after laying the wood to us. These guys were so full of themselves that it was rumored that were all wearing "Trojan Killer" T-shirts under their pads.

I think we can put the national Harbaugh love fest on hold for now. Yes, Stanford beat us and they beat us good but Stanford is still just an above average football team and Harbaugh is no different than any other coach...he loses to teams that he shouldn't.

Many have said it before me, but I wholeheartedly agree. Regardless of how a team ends up at the end of the season their title game is against USC. They line up to take their best shot and some even think that opposing coaches set up their game plans for USC weeks in advance slipping little things in here or there for the team to get comfortable with. Maybe that's true, I don't know. The three teams that beat us this season have all gone on to lose the following week.

Sometimes in embarrassing fashion...

From what I have been reading, Harbaugh made some poor decisions in that game and I guess Andrew Luck is not quite the Heisman candidate that Harbaugh has made him out to be. I have also read that Harbaugh was quick to get off the field after barely barely acknowledging Tedford with a meek handshake before making a hasty retreat for the locker room after the game....Hmmmmmm. That sounds familiar...but I can't place where I have heard it before. Dodging Tedford only shows how much of a sore loser Harbaugh is

I also read that the faces of some in the Stanford band were of stunned silence. Oh well...better luck next time kids.

Stanford will back into a bowl game and they will claim it was successful season because they beat USC and Oregon but as I have said in the past, the key to success is sustaining it. The road to success is littered with flash-in-the-pans who made one or two signature victories but never amounted to anything.

Couldn't of happened to a nicer guy...

Karma baby!! Take a big wiff!!