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Quick Thought of the Morning

When it comes to recruiting, one of the comments from many on the boards out there is that if a player wants make it to the next level they should come to USC because Pete Carroll's system prepares you for the next level.

There is obviously some truth to that with all the players that have been drafted (regardless of their success in the NFL). But there is also some dissention in the ranks. Many fans want to see that talent blossom while at USC...BEFORE the player makes the move to the NFL. It doesn't really matter how many stars you have after your name if the alleged talent isn't coached up and if it doesn't produce plays on the field.

What good is it?

If a player goes to another school for more playing time what's the difference? Experience is experience right?

Yes, Pete Carroll has an eye for talent and it is a nice accolade to point to when discussing the overall profile of the program but it really is meaningless.

If Pete Carroll wants to get back to where the team was last year he is going to have to coach the players up to perform while at USC and not just improve their talent stock for the next level...