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Interesting take here and it might give us some insight as to how the Duckies were able to exploit SC's defense on Saturday...

Gruden and Kelly have a blossoming relationship.

Two weeks after being fired as head coach of the Bucs, Gruden was voicing his desire to learn the spread offense, in particular Chip Kelly’s spread at Oregon.

Kelly traveled to Tampa this February "to visit him (Gruden) and talk football."

If Gruden really wants to learn the spread, why not just immerse himself?

In a Feb. 8 article in the Orlando Sentinel, Gruden was asked if his new desire would make people think he wants to coach college football.

Gruden’s response was straight to the point:

"No. It means I want to learn more football," he said. "I’m going to pick out two or three cool colleges that I think have great offenses. Great places. I want to go to Oregon. I want my son to go to Oregon football camp, and I want to learn what the Oregon Ducks are doing on offense . . . I want to go in there and try to be a guest coach."

Days after Kelly was named head coach of the Ducks, he contacted Gruden again. Instead of being a "guest coach," Kelly offered Gruden the job of offensive coordinator.

Unfortunately for Kelly and Oregon, it appears Gruden decided to stand by what he told the Sentinel. He wants to learn the spread for future use in the National Football League.

Think Gruden gave Kelly tips on how to defend the Tampa 2 defense used by Pete Carroll?

You know the same one used by former Tampa Bay DC Monte Kiffin?

I have some other thoughts but I will hold off for now...

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