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The Press sets the Narrative

I won't spend too much time on this but I did find it amusing...

For most SC fans the last two carpet bombings have put a certain bad taste in our mouths. Many will have you believe that SC is on its death knell. Many want to try to and make sweeping comparisons to FSU when they dropped off the map in 2001.

And now there is this interesting quote...

Who would have imagined that in only his second season, Rick Neuheisel would have UCLA playing as well as USC? . . .

And there it is...

I did not have to read any further. I could have clocked this with an egg timer.

Bruins fans smell blood in the water. Clowns like 102 think "Troy will fall again." Try as they might, you can see it on all the bruin boards, they are doing their best to focus on ASU. But you know they are chomping at the bit to play USC. This is their chance to end the monopoly...they get a few wins under their belts and the press thinks they are ready for the big time. Chow has wins over Sark and Kiffin...he wants the tri-fecta in beating Pete Carroll. Slick Rick wants some positive attention. He needs to be the fair haired boy in L.A. He wants to do whatever it takes to get his slice of the crown in L.A.

The press is doing everything they can to try and make a big deal out the game. They are pumping up ucla's recruiting...of course they make no mention of the shell game that Slick Rick plays with his players/recruits. They think that ucla is back. At first I thought that Plaschke wrote this...wouldn't that be a kick in the ****, but he didn't...too bad.

The press is bored...they need something new to chronicle. SC's struggles are the perfect elixr...but how will the story end?

I don't know.

I have been pretty up front in many conversations that I have had over the past few days with a number of people...from what I have seen of SC in the past 4 weeks that I give them a 50/50 chance of beating ucla.

This USC team looks tired, they have looked confused the last few weeks and that may all the edge that the clowns from across town need. But make no mistake...even if they win, this is as good as it will get for ucla. They may get to some crappy bowl but I have a hard time believing that they will ever be a national contender.

We all know that this year is officially a rebuilding year at USC. How Pete Carroll gets this team ready for the battle of L.A. will go a long way to assuage the fans concerns as to just how bad things look.

This is where Pete Carroll will earn his money.