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Some Simple Motivation

A beat down like the one SC went through this past weekend really has to do something to a players and coaches mind.

Pete Carroll doesn't think that he has lost his team. I am not sure after what I saw on Saturday but I really don't know...

USC coach Pete Carroll was asked Sunday night if he feared "losing" his team — or, minimally, his team losing its focus.

He said he doesn’t get that sense.

"That’s not really my worry or my concern," Carroll said.

"Every team is challenged by that when things you shoot for escape you. (But) I’ll be really surprised if we don’t continue to hang (together).

"UCLA comes at a great time. It’s a great opportunity for us to get better and get well, and they’ll probably be playing their best football of the season."

Like I said I really don't know but something did not look right out there.

This is one of those times where Pete Carroll has to dig down deep and find the motivation to get over the hump of this stinging loss. Pete Carroll is not the only coach that has ever had to go through this. But this is where he gets to test all his little sayings and phrases that he has pelted us with the few years. I guess you can call it soul searching but in reality it is just a complete reevaluation of how he gets the team to respond.

Part of that reevaluation is to never forget what he experienced last Saturday. You would have thought he would have remembered the last time that Stanford came to L.A. but that was different.

Pete Carroll is not the first USC coach to get a beat down like this, John McKay went through it too in 1966 when ND beat USC 51-0. Part of McKay's reevaluation was to take names, makes notes, watch film and circle the date of next years game...(emphasis added)

Several weeks later, the Trojans' coach, John McKay, told a member of his staff, "We'll never be beaten that badly again." And he probably won't. Every working day in the off-season that followed, McKay left word that he was not to be disturbed, and locked himself in a dark room to watch a portion of that game. Every working day for six months.

When USC people asked to see him, his secretary would say, "He's watching the film." And everybody knew what that meant.

McKay got his revenge the next year. He came to South Bend with a tailback named 0. J. Simpson, who turned us every way but out. He ran for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

This is exactly what Pete Carroll needs to do. This is just the thing he needs to refocus. And yes, he does need to refocus. I could really couldn't care less about all the outside stuff.

You want a Song of the Day?

Here's one.... WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!

Stanford will be good next year too, but beating the living hell out them on their field with all their talent would be the best medicine. That must be Pete Carroll's mantra heading into next season. I don't want to here any more crap that no game is bigger than any other...

Oh Yeah?

How did that work out for you last week???

He better rethink that...

Next years game is going to be a big much so that I will probably go out for it just for kicks and for me that is saying A LOT!

Win Forever just left town...How about WIN NEXT WEEK!!

Always ComPete looks to be a pipe dream...How about making competition actually mean something when awarding players playing time.

Jim Harbaugh is a clown even with his blue collar bring your lunch pail to work attitude. But he has Pete Carroll's number. It would appear that Pete Carroll looked at this game like a weekend in Haight Ashbury; drink some wine, eat some cheese and soak up some rays...


You bet...

I will continue to support Pete Carroll (not that my support means squat). Why would I not support him? I have carried his water for a while for a dime, in for a dollar but he has to give these guys a kick in the pants...That includes the coaches. I would have loved to have been there for "Tell the truth Monday".

There is no better coach for this program. There is no other candidate I would trade him for but two beat downs alike we have seen this season are not going to cut it. I could have dealt with a a couple of close losses but not this.

Don't think for a minute that clowns from across town aren't already smelling blood in the water. Nothing would make them happier to takes us down another notch.

Pete Carroll has already been humiliated by one clown in the Pac-10 does he really want to let the chief clown in the Pac-10 finally make his infamous newspaper ad become reality?

I think that is reason enough to get their shit straight!