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Stanford 55 - USC 21 The King is Dead...Long Live the King

Well there are no more records to be broken.

There is no aura left to deflate.

Things sure look different than 2005...

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom after years of success to help you get refocused. I went through that myself when I moved to NYC. A season like this is humbling and maybe that is what Pete Carroll needs.

I have no answers for today's game I won't call it loss, I won't call it a drubbing...I don't know what to call it.

I am not thinking about ucla in two weeks. There will be time for that and SC will have time to prepare for that. Pete Carroll needs to take some time to reflect on just what direction this team is headed as the team moves forward...for this season and next. The excuse of youth and injuries is not going to cut it any more. I could not believe how porous this USC defense looked. For all this "talent" I cannot believe how poor the play was at times today. This team had NO answers today or for the past few games.

We are now just another team that has a lot of questions. For as much as I have supported him in the past I am not sure Pete Carroll has the answers...

I am not least not now. I have seen this before. In business and with other teams. No one stays on top forever and when teams fall it is not pretty. We have seen it with Miami, Nebraska, Florida St and others.

This was not pretty.

So that is it, I may have more later or tomorrow or sometime next week.