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GameDay Open Thread - USC vs Stanford

I will make this brief...

There are a lot of puntits and experts picking against USC today. They need to reestablish people respect simple as that.

Stop Gerhart and SC wins the game. Luck is good but without Gerhart Stanford is one dimensional.

SC needs to run the ball. McKnight needs to have a big game. McCO and Haviliy will be key to taking some of heat off the running game. Satnford will have to respect them.

This is RoJo's time to step up and be a leader. He has the tools and the talent now he needs to set the tone. I don't expect SC to blow them out but they do need to play smart football. A win today goes a long way towards building the mental health of the team as we head into the bye week before playing ucla in two weeks.

Barkley needs to return to his early season form. He needs to regain his poise and not get rattled.

Leave your comments questions and rants here.