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Nutty Neuheisel is out of his mind!

This is rich...

From The OCR.

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel made an appearance Thursday on ESPN’s "Rome Is Burning" with host Jim Rome, who asked Neuheisel what he tells recruits who say they would rather go to USC. His response?

"I say, ‘You got to compare,’ " Neuheisel said. "You have to go spend a weekend on that campus and then spend a weekend on this campus. You got to look at the depth charts and see where opportunity lies. Then you have to look at the coaching staffs and look at the resumes. Look at it as a corporation. Don’t you see this corporation ready to take great strides and head exactly toward where USC already is? If they’re excited about that and want to be on the ground floor of this operation, then that’s where you can make the big money.

"People look at the USC program the last seven years and given them all sorts of credit, and they deserve it. But if you look historically, I came to UCLA in 1979, there have been 30 games since 1979, (it’s) USC 15, UCLA 14, and one tie. They’re very even."

Typical Neuheisel...

Nobody cares about 30 years ago, except ucla fans.

That was their "run".

They had some good seasons back then. They won some Rose Bowls...blah blah blah, but I like I have said numerous times- they were no more than a regional power back then. A lot of ucla fans like to point out those years but here is the deal...those were the down years for USC and ucla still couldn't win an MNC, not a single ucla player won a Heisman they were never in the picture except for 98' when that hurricane dashed their hopes because the could not get up for a rescheduled game against Tennessee (?) or someone like that.

Slick Rick can, should and will use the respective teams depth charts as selling point, that is fine but lets not get carried away...for all the "talent" Slick Rick has amassed in the two years that he has been there they have improved moderately. If he wants to point to coaching resume´s then that is fine too. Pete Carroll may not have won an MNC since Chow left but Chow hasn't won anything either since he left SC. Carnell Lake was a great player in the NFL but his coaching legacy has yet to be written and there is no guarantee that he will be successful. I mean who would you pick straight up Norton or Lake based on their resume´? Will Neuheisel point to his "accomplishments" at two separate programs? Does he really want to go down that road??

Pete Carroll knows a little bit about putting HIS players into the NFL. I am not sure what Nutty Neuheisel's record is in that department...

Pete Carroll has also helped a number of his coaches reach the next level regardless of their success, Neuheisel has had only one...DeWayne Walker and Walker has PC ties too...

Slick Rick is a blow hard and attention whore. Many feel he is dishonest...he certainly has the track record to back that claim up. And he can't get SC out of his head. He may win a game here or there against SC, I mean it is a rivalry it happens but that is all he is shooting for, that is his motivation. You don't here Pete Carroll worrying about what ucla is doing...he is focused on the bigger prize.

They have a long way to go in Westwood. I would expect them to make some progress but with the rumors of unrest between Slick Rick and Norm Chow god only knows how this will end up....

See the video for yourself.