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Thought of the day...

Just something I was thinking about on way in to work this morning...

Earlier this season there was some chatter in various places that Pete Carroll was too involved with the offense. His support for and his alleged obsession of Matt Barkley left a lot of people thinking that there were to many chef's in the kitchen.

Maybe...maybe not.

But in seeing how the defense performed in the second half against both Notre Dame and Oregon St. it might give some people pause to think that there could be a lack of attention to detail in regards to game prep on the defense.

We have not seen a Pete Carroll defense get scored on like that in a very long time...not with the talent.

So, it begs the very open-ended question.

I realize I am way out on the fringes with this but I just thought I would throw it out there. I could be very wrong, maybe Weis and Riley found some chinks in the armor. Maybe this USC defense is not as good as advertised...who knows. But one thing is for sure, the last two games have left many of us scratching our heads at how one of the more dominating defenses in the nation could let ND and OSU hang around so late in those games.

Let me know your thoughts...