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USC 42 Oregon St. 36...Man that was close...too close!

So, discuss the game.

I am going to jump all over for a bit throwing it out there as thins comes to my head.

This game reminded me of the Fresno St. game in 2005.

Hats off to Cansfield...he would not be deterred, he never gave up and we were damn lucky that he did not get to finish the job.

The Rodgers brothers continue to frustrate our defense. Mike Riley has found a gold mine in these two great players. Speaking of RIley he really knows how to scheme against us. He is the class of the Pac-10.

I am not sure I can say that SC was out of gas because of the ND win last week. We know OSU is good, they have shown us some grit in the past. SC was out played in some areas tonight and it should be cause for concern...especially with Oregon up next week.

We will have our hands full up in Autzen, especially if we are missing McCoy. The defense needs to get better.

Taylor Mays disappoints me with his rough play. There is no need for that. I have defended him in the past but it is hard to keep defending himwhe players helmets are coming off like coed's panties.

Barkley did not look his best. He made some poor throws that kept OSU in the game. The defense did an OK job and they were on the field a lot. They let some plays go tonight that the haven't let go in other games. I was surprised at many of the missed tackles I saw that kept some OSU drives alive. The defense can't bail us out every game, the offense needs to put a lot more points on the board.

I just don't understand why Bates and Morton didn't run the ball more when they were driving the ball midawy through the 4th. Throwing a pick there lets OSU back in the game and OSU goes down and gets a score at the 5:40 mark.

There is simply no excuse for SC to continue to air it out...Bradford was doing a fine job in there.

Thank you Allen Bradford!

Thank you D-Will!!

Penalties were fine in the first half but sloppy in the second half.

Special teams were a wash in my eyes.

Leave your comments or rants here...I will back later tomorrow for a closer look (I am on the road back to NYC in the PM)

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