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GameDay Open Thread Oregon St. vs. USC

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images North America

OK, here is the deal.

I am away this weekend in Cape May at a family function and so far I have not been able to find a bar that has the regional telecast of the game.

If I can't find the game on TV I will be on the thread and you guys will have to keep me posted. If I do find the game I won't be on the thread...maybe by phone for the occasional mobile message.

This will be an interesting game to see of SC has a let down after last weeks game against Notre Dame. I do think this is a trap game. But I also think that the players have the right mind set, they have already their tough loss this season and they are heading into a tough part of the schedule so they need to keep focused.

Leave your comments or rants here.

I will be on the post-game thread after the game for sure.