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What does Oregon St. have up their sleeve this year?

There is no doubt that USC remembers Oregon St. running back Jacquizz Rodgers with clarity.

We all remember how 'Quizz water-bugged his way through USC's defense last year. I expect to see the same sort of game plan from Beavers Mike Reilly...

With a twist.

After watching game films, Carroll said he is concerned about Jacquizz Rodgers running the Wildcat formation against the Trojans.

"I figure he might throw the ball out of it," Carroll said. "He can do everything."

That is Great!.....right.

I have no idea how SC is going to come out for this game. I am worried about a letdown. I am worried that the defense still won't have an answer for 'Quizz just like last year.

I am actually fine with our offense right now and I feel better that this game is at home but I also remember Stanford was at home.

Trojan Empire looks at it from a different angle...

In a game of "something’s gotta give", the Beavers enter Saturdays game riding a 6 game road win streak. They have also won seven straight games that followed a bye week. One of the most important stats from last years meeting that is often overlooked is that Oregon State played mistake free football, finishing with no turnovers.

Analysis: USC appears to be finding it’s groove, which couldn’t come at a worst time for Oregon State. We saw a less conservative offense in South Bend last weekend, and would expect the same with Barkley now playing at home. A key to the game will be the play of quarterback Sean Canfield, who lost to the Trojans in 2007, and missed OSU’s upset a year ago with shoulder surgery. In 2007, Canfield was harassed all day by a stout USC defensive line. Now he faces a unit that leads the nation in sacks. A definite key to victory will be the Beavers ability or inability to stay out of 3rd and long situations, which means the production of Rodgers is of the utmost importance.

Yeah, I know the USC defense is stout but it was last year too...

God, I hate feeling this way...