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OUCH!! The Monopoly Lives On...

An Academy Award winning screen writer could not have thought this up...

Funny Story in the Daily Bruin (Via Wolf).

In the press room beneath the Rose Bowl there are four big plasma screen televisions. One of these televisions was showing the thrilling game between USC and Notre Dame Saturday afternoon. Media that gathered in the press room had clustered to watch the dramatic finish.

At that moment UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel walked into the room, sunburned and exasperated after his team’s 45-26 defeat to rival Cal.

Almost no one moved. Necks remained craned toward the USC game until a frustrated Neuheisel spoke sharply.

"Would everyone like to watch the end of that ball game?" Neuheisel asked. "I am more than willing to wait."

There was a hint of bitterness in Neuheisel’s voice, a slight sign of the wounded pride of UCLA football.

Neuheisel wants his team to be playing in those electrifying games. The Bruins want to receive the attention reserved for college football’s best teams – the attention that is reserved in this town for USC.


That is smokin'!

Not only do the baby blues lose at home to the hippies but insult is added to injury because the press would rather watch the USC/ND game than talk about the debacle they just saw with the coach who oversaw it.

I got a kick out of this passage of the article form the DB...

This season, the Bruins are ninth among 10 Pac-10 teams and pretty much irrelevant to the BCS title race. A time when UCLA can ascend to the highest echelon seems far away.

Irrelevant is putting it nice.

If someone in the CFB world even mentions ucla the next statement out of someone's mouth will be...WHO?

That has to chaff Slick Rick's ass!

Oh well, I guess he will have "Blue Thunder" to get everyone's attention...