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Golden Tate's Matt Leinart Moment...

You know many USC fans gave Matt Leinart a lot of grief over his "I still think we are the better team" remark after the 2006 BCS Title game against Texas. A lot of non USC fans skewered Leinart too...I felt the criticism was justified. I know it was an emotional loss but you can't say some thing like that. It simply yakes away from the great performance that you put up even if it was a losing effort.

Well, Notre Dame's Goden Tate decided that he wanted a spot on the wall of shame...

From ESPN.

"I feel like we have just as much, if not more talent than them,'' said Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate. "We [both] got two great coaches. We both have great players. … No, I don't think they have better athletes. I don't think they have better coaching.''

Uh, so if USC doesn't have better coaches and players, then how do you explain the Trojans' eight-peat?

"They just come out and outplayed us a few times,'' said Tate. "I think this year was different. I think we lined up well against them and I thought we competed. Someone's got to win and it just happened not to be us this week.''

Or in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Just a few times?


Charlie Weis has done a great job and teaching his players to talk smack but for some reason he can't coach them up to beat ranked teams for all the talent he has.

No wonder Jimmy loves Golden as his favorite target they act and think the same way...

Stay classy clowns!