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You Keep it Classy Jimmy!

Here is an Interesting exchange between USC DL Malik Jackson and ND QB Jimmy Clausen

In one memorable scene, Clausen chased USC defensive end Malik Jackson off the field following Jackson's roughing-the- passer penalty.

"He said, `Good job, Malik. Good job, Malik. (Dummy),"' Jackson said. "What could I say? I messed up."

Jackson made sure to find Clausen after the game to return the favor.

"I said, "Good job Jimmy. You (jerk).' He just kept walking," Jackson said.

I am not surprised at all...

There is no question that Clausen played a pretty good game and I said as much in our post game thread but it is clear to me that Clausen has taken on that Notre Dame arrogant persona. Jackson did mess up even if the call was questionable in some observers eyes but there is no need for Clausen to act like that.

He got his comeuppance and in the process he showed just how much he has been influenced by Charlie Weis.

These two were made for each other...