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Charlie Weis just can't help himself...

Charlie Weis just can't keep his mouth shut.

I found this quote from Ramona Shelburne's article from earlier in the week very telling...

Q: "You've gone against Pete Carroll many times and know him quite well. What are the one or two things, the one or two assets that he possesses, that makes him as good of a coach and successful coach as he has been?

Weis: "Well he's really evolved. I'm not going to compare him to either of the Bills (Parcells and Belichick), who I have the utmost respect for, but here is the thing I admire about him the most: He's lost all these good players to the NFL; last year he lost his offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator; now you look at the team right there and, you know, this is what great coaches do. Great coaches lose players, they lose coaches, they put somebody else in and the thing just keeps on ticking."

This is why so many ND fans that I have talked to can't wait for him to leave.

Carroll Has evolved? Really?

Screw Weis!!

I can't seem to find anywhere Charlie Weis' head coaching record in the NFL or anywhere else prior to his arriving at Notre Dame. Sure PC, may not have produced great results with the Jets or the Pats but at least he had a head coaching job. Weis was just another hanger on of the two Bills....he was a phone answerer, a coffee bringer.

Weis can't give Pete Carroll the credit he deserves because he knows Carroll owns his ass. Weis was a small part of the Patriots winning three Super Bowls but his comments about having never lost to Pete Carroll as a lowly assistant to the two bills has come back to bite him in the ass time and again.

Weis is your typical Arrogant Doh!mer.

Sure, Weis gets recruits but he gets them based on the legend of Notre Dame NOT because he can coach those players up. His "decided schematic advantage" has had holes punched through it by Carroll's teams year in and year out.

Smacking the Irish around has been so much more appealing since this clown came on the scene...

To be honest I can't tell you who I hate more, Weis or Slick Rick...