Hazelton Update

While we have been celebrating SC's win over PSU and with all the coaching moves being made we haven't really heard much on the Vidal Hazelton transfer (not that it matters) until now.

Wolf has some interesting info...

Former USC wide receiver Vidal Hazelton was denied permission by the school to speak to any Pacific-10 Conference schools or Notre Dame as he searches for a new college.

Hazelton, who left USC in December, was unable to speak to UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State or the Irish.

"Usually you don't allow a player to go to a school you play against," USC coach Pete Carroll said.

Hazelton's current list of schools includes Pittsburgh and several Football Championship Subdivision schools (Western Michigan, Florida International, Georgia Southern).

If he transfers to a lower-division school, Hazelton will be granted instant eligibility.

"The option is whether he wants to play immediately or sit out for one year," said Hazelton's father, Dexter Hazelton. "I'd like him to stay closer to home."

Two weeks ago, Hazelton narrowed his choices to Missouri and Rutgers but his father said they decided to reconsider their options. "I think (Missouri and Rutgers) are out," Dexter Hazelton said.

I usually wouldn't have given Hazelton a second thought but when I read last week that Hazelton had listed ucla as a possible of school of choice it definitely raised my interest. If PC has to spell out to the Hazelton's that they can't talk to any Pac-10 schools or ND then it shows me that there may be some gamesmanship going on with the Hazelton's, more specifically Dexter. He has it sn his craw that SC screwed his son so he is probabley looking for some payback.

If Vidal ends up at any school that isn't close to home then in my eyes all outrage Dexter has shown towards SC will have been for one reason get Vidal out of USC. That's fine, mission accomplished but he doesn't come off looking good here.

It's SOP for a coach to list the schools that are off limits when it come to athletes transferring. Carroll did the right thing...Dexter should be happy that Vidal doesn't play for Randy Shannon at Miami...

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