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[UPDATED] Nick Holt interviews with UW...Press Conference Announced at UW @ 3pm


I caught this on Saturday.

USC's Holt negotiating with UW?

Steve Sarkisian is doing a good job of keeping his search for a defensive coordinator under wraps, but I have it on relatively good information USC defensive coordinator Nick Holt is back in the conversation -- and may actually be negotiating a contract with the University of Washington.

Sarkisian initially asked the former Idaho coach to join him prior to the Rose Bowl and, around Dec. 19, Holt declined the offer. But I'm hearing Holt has apparently changed his mind.

That being said, I have neither talked with Sarkisian, nor received official confirmation.

I was a little surprised at seeing that considering it had been discussed that Holt wasn't interested at the time Sarkisian asked him and at the time I thought it would be a lateral/down move.

Wolf then followed up with this piece.

There was a mention in a Seattle paper today that Nick Holt might remain a candidate at Washington for the defensive coordinator's job. But I spoke to Holt and he said nothing's happened since he initially declined the position nearly a month ago.

I thought this was credible because it appears that Wolf went right to Holt about it and it appears that Holt was not interested.

Well, it appears that he is interested in the job after all.

USC defensive coordinator Nick Holt will fly to Seattle today to discuss accepting the same job at Washington.

New Washington coach Steve Sarkisian was cautiously optimistic Sunday he could land his former USC colleague.

"We're talking. It's not done. Hopefully we'll know one way or the other pretty soon," Sarkisian said. "I don't know if it's something that can get done. I hate to be premature."

Holt's interest in the job meant he lied Saturday when he said he was not interested in the Washington job.

"That was like three weeks ago, I don't know why it's still coming up," Holt said Saturday.

Holt did not return a phone call Sunday.

Sarkisian said he only recently spoke to Holt again about taking the job. Holt originally turned him down immediately after Sarkisian announced he would leave USC for Washington on Dec. 6.

"It was a mutual thing," Sarkisian said. "I'm just trying to hire the best guy I can hire."

I guess I can see why he would want to have more control but this is going to be a tough rebuiding process. I am not toally thrilled because this leaves us down one and now possibly two coaches as the recruiting season really heats up. I am not sure he will take it but I am interested in what made Holt all of sudden change his mind.

This will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Update #1 - Multiple outlets are now reporting that UW will hold a press conference at 3pm PST to announce their new Defensive Coordinator. No name given but I think it's safe to assume that Holt will be joining Sark at UW.

Update #2 - Molly Yanity over at the Seattle P.I. Husky Blog says Sarkisian will introduce Nick Holt as UW's new DC.

Holt to be introduced this afternoon

Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian will introduce Nick Holt as the team's defensive coordinator in a news conference at 3 p.m. today. A source with knowledge of the hire said that the former USC coordinators -- Sarkisian and Holt -- officially came to terms late last night.

The news conference will be streamed live at

Update #3 - The press conference for 3PM has been postponed until tomorrow at 12:30pm PST. Yanity says it's official though.

News conference postponed; but it's official

An athletic department spokesman just told reporters today's news conference has been "postponed" due to unforeseen circumstances, but they confirmed the hiring of USC defensive coordinator Nick Holt to the same position here.

The news conference has been rescheduled for Tuesday at 12:30.

Is there something going on behind the scenes? Hard to know.