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GameDay Open Thread USC @ Oregon St.

AP Photo/Chris Pietsch

Apologies for missing the thread on Friday against Oregon. I completely know celebrating the Rose Bowl and all.

After a very solid win in Eugene USC heads over to Corvallis to take on the Beavers. The most important thing to watch for today is a let down after that big win and Tim Floyd is keenly aware of it.

Everyone knows that Oregon State is the speed bump along the Pacific 10 Conference road. The Beavers have lost 21 consecutive conference games, including a 69-46 pasting by UCLA on Friday. They are bad with a capital B.

Such are the perceptions of the Beavers, and many of them are true. For example, Howard's only victory this season was against Craig Robinson's team. So, of course, the Trojans walk into Gill Coliseum today to collect the only road "gimme" on their schedule.

SC has had a bit of a problem going flat in the second half so they need to keep the momentum going for the whole game.

Yes, the Beavers are seen as the doormat in that Pac-10 but they should be treated like any other team...seriously.

The game is on TV here in NYC so I will be on thread sporadically, I am still settling in here at home after being away.

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