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Recruiting Notes 1/28

This is an interesting passage from an article I saw over on

There are also rumors of secret surprises who will de-commit in favor of Troy on LOI day. Yet USC seems sure to lose four-star receiver Randall Carroll to UCLA, if not Arizona State, Cal or Oklahoma, where he’s supposed to visit on Jan. 30. “I committed so early in the process, so that’s the reason I’m still looking around, trying to find what interests me the best,” Carroll told

I wonder what surprises are in store as Pete Carroll always seems to pull a rabbit out of his hat. As for Carroll he seemed impressed with his vist to SC.

From Biggins ESPN Recruiting Blog...

"I had a great visit and really learned a lot about the school and my role there," Carroll said. "You could say it was pretty eye opening and USC definitely moved up quite a bit following the visit.

That's nice to hear but we'll see just how much of an impression it makes on signing day. The really funny thing that's been rumored was that RC has now taken Cal off his list. When I see that I will believe it...Carroll is ucla bound all the way.

Yesterday brought us some great news with the verbal committment of 5-Star DE Devon Kennard from Arizona. I was absolutely impressed with this young man in how he handled his press conference and the interviews after the presser. He clearly has his head in the right place and I have no doubt that he will a great leader on this team.

But with with every peice of good news there ususally comes a little bad news...

It's being reported over on RIvals ($) that 5-Star LB recruit Vontaze Burfict is leaning towards de-committing from USC in favor of Arizona St. This would obviously be a bit of a hit in regards to shoring up our LB corps with Rey, Cush and Kaluka graduating. There have been rumors that grades have been a bit of an issue with Burfict and that his rumored de-commitment comes on the heals of his lates grades being posted. I wouldn't know what the grades were so I will not speculate about the ramifications. Other rumors out there were that ASU convinced Burfict that he couldn't qualify for USC but that he would not have a problem at ASU. I can see Erickson trying to play that card. ASU is a fine school but its not USC...its tough to get in and you have to work hard to get the most out of it.

If Brufict is looking for an easy way out in regards to academics then his possible de-commitment might not be a bad thing. If he is having problems now he could become an academic casulty in college.

I found this comment interesting.

"Like a lot of kids, he's looking at football and academic support," Logan said. "Football wise, he likes both schools but with USC, they're so strong and graduate all their linebackers.

"I think with the academic support, the family really likes what ASU has to offer there. Both schools are saying the same thing, that they provide great help and tutor support but we sent two kids to ASU last year, Ryan Bass and Brandon Magee, who struggled in high school and to qualify and both are doing great at ASU. So the family can see first hand how good ASU is in that department.

Right...That signals to me that Burfict is looking for the esay way not the more challenging way. SC isn't for everyone and that includes academics. Based on some other things that I read I think he was always hedging his bets incase the grades weren't there.

Other possible reasons are that he wants to play with his friends who have alread verballed/enrolled at ASU. Now, ASU had their in home visit last night and PC will have his in home visit tomorrow night so maybe he can close the deal. We will keep an eye on this one....

I wrote the other day that Byron Moore switched his commitment from USC and was leaning towards ND. I saw today that Colorado is now in the mix...

Moore was slated to visit LSU this weekend but switched that up and will now trip to Colorado. Ironically, Moore's teammate, Josh Moten, an early Washington commitment, visited CU last weekend and is now reportedly leaning to the Buffs.

"Byron just felt more of a connection with the Colorado coaches," Moore Sr. said. "When he gets back from this visit, he'll look at his final three schools, Colorado, Notre Dame and USC."

Moore committed last summer to USC before backing off his commitment just a week ago.

"I was even surprised by it," Moore Sr. said. "I know everyone was but it's not for the reasons everyone is saying. I read all the talk on the message boards and just have to laugh at some of the things I'm reading. Let me just say this, it has nothing to do with football. People need to understand that football isn't the only think you look at when you make a decision like this.

I'm not sure what is going on with his kid but it sure looks weird if you ask me. After all he said about leaning towards ND if he picks CU I will get a real chuckle out of that.

Here is an interesting tidbit. After de-commiting from ucla to accept an offer from Cal OL Stan Hasiak visited UW with his teammate and current USC commit FB Simi Vehikiti where it was rumored that Simi switched his commitment to UW. That story proved to be false but now on the flip side Wolf is reporting that Hasiak may now visit USC.

Offensive lineman Stan Hasiak, who committed to UCLA and then Cal, is pondering a trip to USC this weekend.

Go figure...

Here is another one that I won't belive until it actually happens.

I will be happy once signing day is past.

I will have more as things come up. Things are going to get interesting in this final week.