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78-73: Double-U Tee Eff

Here is something to think about. USC outscored UW in the paint by leaps and bounds, yet somehow the Huskies had 40 free throws to SC's 17 and managed to foul out three of our starters. Come on are these refs serious? The zebras took the game from us pure and simple, but at least we'll get some revenge at home. And really, that's all there is to write about this game.

but more after the jump anyways!

I wish they would have worked the ball harder to Taj, but they just couldn't make it happen. Brockman is not that great of a defender and I really have to lay that one on the guards. Hackett had a good game, don't get me wrong, but our team really needs to look for Gibson down low. Taj has about a million moves in the post, so let him work his defenders and I promise that the shots will start falling. Oh well, missed opportunities.

We also missed Dwight. I had to laugh a little bit when the said he was our "most consistent scorer", but regardless of whether he is on or off he is still a threat and can nail the outside shot. Again, Hackett was nails but we missed Dwight and I think the team is going to have to make do without him against the Cougs as well. If we're lucky Lewis will be back for the homestand against the Northern California schools, but I know Floyd does not want to rush injured players back after what happened to Marcus Simmons last year.

Finally, let's talk a bit about Demar. Hopefully they'll do some passing drills and get Derzan more comfrotable finding the open man out of pressure. Demar is a weapon, but it seems like he is only on for one half or the other and that has to be because of defensive adjustments. If he's hot in the first they put on the extra pressure, if he's cold they sag off and he gets opportunities in the second.

Really and truly the Trojans were the better team and they were a victim of home cookin. I mentioned earlier that a 2-0 on the road was achievable, thought probably not likely, but the Trojans need to split on the road. This next game is a must win for all intents and purposes.