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Kiper...Sanchez could go #3 in the draft

Whether or not you agree with Mark Sanchez leaving USC early for the NFL the decision to do so could mean a big payday for him in the longrun.

From the Press-Enterprise.

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. was as good as his word the day USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez announced he was declaring for the NFL, saying he could be no worse than No. 3 overall.

And in his first Mock Draft board considering all eligible players, seniors and underclassmen, Kiper now has Sanchez the No, 3 pick overall and going to Kansas Cirty. And that's even though he's not the top quarterback in Kiper's draft. Georgia's Matt Stafford is.

Kiper has him going No. 1 overall to Detroit.

Good for Mark...He will make a lot of money and be able to take care of his family but that is only half of it. If he goes to to KC at #3 will they throw him into the mix right way or will he carry a clipboard for a year or two. If they put him in he could be a human pinball back there and that might not be a good thing for him.

I am not sure that he will be taken that high because having only 16 starts under your belt is a big risk to take at #3. We will obviously never know if the extra year would have done him any good but I do know that Leinart stayed all five years and he has struggled with really only two years in the league after sitting year 2 out with an early injury.

With the NFL it is always a crap shoot.

I want all of USC's players to well at the next level but as I have said before once they go pro I tend to be a bit ambivalent because my focus is always on the current USC roster. Kiper has his good days and his bad days when it comes to trying to predict the future of these players... we will find out in April just how accurate he is win regards to Sanchez.