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Sanchez Officially Declares For The NFL

There's a lot of mess going around regarding today's presser with Mark Sanchez going pro and Pete Carroll talking about his ability to succeed. I'd rather just present both videos from All Things Trojan, without too much editorializing by yours truly early on. First, Sanchez's decision:

Next, Carroll's comment on the decision:

I'd be remiss personally if I didn't think Sanchez should stay. It's better for the program and generally, I am loath to believe that one year of starting as a QB in college is even close to being ready prep-wise for the NFL. However, the reality is that if your goal is to play on Sundays and an opportunity presents itself to be a first or second rounder, it's worth taking a flyer on -- particularly if you're going to get your degree this spring, like Sanchez is.

With Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow all staying for another season, there's a shortage in top-flight QBs in the draft this year -- on most draft charts, it's Matthew Stafford and then Sanchez. (Arguments about whether Tebow is or will ever be an NFL QB prospect are for another time and another forum, same goes for McCoy and Bradford, who don't play in anything too close to a pro-set -- but the latter would be ready to run a hurry-up going in.) Given the glut at QB in 2010 and the NFL collective bargaining agreement needing to be renegotiated before 2011, Sanchez made the right financial move. Whether it's the right professional move in terms of development and success is what Carroll is challenging.

No matter what or how it turns out, best of luck to Mark and his family -- and thanks for a great season.