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Reports...Sanchez heading to the NFL

I am reading various reports that Mark Sanchez will declare for the NFL draft.

The one most prominent is from Chris Mortensen from ESPN (via The Press Enterprise)

Just reported by ESPN NFL analyst Chris Mortensen: according to sources close to Mark Sanchez and USC, the junior quarterback will announce on deadline day Thursday that he's giving up his senior season and filing the papers to enter the NFL Draft.

Mortensen also reports that Pate Carroll is returning from Hawaii tomorrow and that Sanchez' family is not necessarily in favor of the move.

Now that last paragragh is interesting.

I am not to sure how reliable the family connection is but if it does hold water I have a hard time seeing Sanchez going against his family's wishes. I said last week that I thought the time to go was now but that I thought he would stay. Sam Bradford deciding to stay at OU really shouldn't matter in the decision becuse I see them both as different QB's with more upside to Sanchez because he plays in a pro style offense while Bradford plays ina more gimmicky type offense.

If he stays...Great! If not we wish him all the best and thank him for a great season. We'll see howit goes...