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Taylor Mays returning for his senior season!

Hot of the presses from the Daily News...

USC coach Pete Carroll said Monday that All-American safety Taylor Mays, cornerback Josh Pinkard and tailback C.J. Gable would return next season.

All three were eligible for the NFL draft and considered turning pro following the Rose Bowl.

Mays, who is considered a top-20 pick, said after the Rose Bowl he was leaning toward going pro and was considered the most likely USC underclassman to depart.

"They are all returning," Carroll said.

In a sign that he would return, Mays just moved into an apartment with USC teammate Will Harris last weekend. Sources said he enjoyed college life and wanted to spend another year at USC before experiencing the demands of the NFL.

That is awesome news!

Pinkard has still not heard back from the NCAA about a sixth season but if he gets it the defense looks a whole lot different. The senior leadership will go a long way to stabilizing the transition and helping the young guys mature quicker.

Playing for Pete Carroll and USC is fun and a lot of these guys just don't want to walk away from that. Now all we need is Sanchez to stay and we will really be in great shape!