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Gable not going Pro

No real surprise here...

USC running back C.J. Gable, who was considering making himself available for the NFL draft, said today that he is remaining with the Trojans.

"My mom wants me to finish school and I want to finish school too," Gable said.

Gable expressed frustration several times during the season about his role in the Trojans' tailback rotation. Joe McKnight, Stafon Johnson and Gable shared most of the carries and each gained more than 600 yards.

Gable was upset after the regular-season finale against UCLA because he was benched after fumbling on the first offensive series. He also was removed from the rotation in the Rose Bowl after fumbling.

Gable, who will be a fourth-year junior next season, did not petition for a draft projection from the NFL, but met with Coach Pete Carroll last week to discuss his situation.

"If I could have graduated this year I would be gone," said Gable, a sociology major.

It's clear from that last sentence that he really wanted to go.

A number of us were concerned about how he handled his disappoint about a lack of playing time as well as how the coaching staff may have singled him out for putting the ball on the turf.

I am all about team chemistry so I hope his returning next season sees a change in how he handles his issues with the coaching staff.

Welcome back C.J. ... I guess.