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Some quick thoughts on Ohio State

I know a lot of people looked at tOSU's "win" against Ohio and thought that it wasn't really impressive. You gotta give Ohio credit for never giving up and always trying win. Boo Jackson came in and really uppped the tempo. If Ohio doesn't give up 5 turnovers this could have been a very different out come because tOSU's very conservative, plain Vanilla, lets not show anything to SC game plan almost cost them the game.

The most telling play of the game for me was when Boeckman took his eye off center to identify the blitz coming from his right only to have the ball sail over his head into the endzone for an Ohio TD. How many times do you think he will be doing that next week?

Of course Tressle kept a lot of his cards close to his vest but when things got tight he had to open up the play book, but only a little bit, I don't caare how much you are trying to protect you don't go into the 4th qtr behind. Boeckman was sacked 3 times and the tOSU defense let Ohio run for 145 yards while Ohio was only getting 39 yards on 21 carries last week against Wyoming, There were no blitz packages that I saw, the Ohio Lines did a pretty good job against tOSU's lines and tOSU's receivers had a hard time getting separation. The had to show a little more than they wanted at the end in order to win the game.

Regardless of how vanilla the game plan was with all the substitutions Tressle made, its hard to ignore that the Buckeyes only put up 272 yards of total offense. Except for Pryor this is pretty much the same offense from last year so I am not sure how playing the cards close the vest helps Tressle that much. The quality of play was substandard to other games they have played in the past...missed tackles, dropped balls, letting yur lines get pushed around says a little more to me than holding back.

As for Pryor, he will be a great weapon for them in the future but it's way too early to put the weight of the world on his shoulders to seal the win. When things were getting tight they put a more experienced Boeckman back in to get it done. Also, while Pryor will be exciting to watch in the coming seasons he's no Vince Young. He needs to bulk up and he hasn't yet showed us how fast he is so while he may be a new wrinkle for the tOSU offense he is not at the level of being a game changer just yet. He will be in the future though...guaranteed.

You know they missed Beanie yesterday and I supect that he will be on the field next Saturday. It's pretty clear that tOSU was looking ahead to USC, we have been down that road before ourselves so it's not just exclusive to them. An Ohio team coached by Frank Solich is better than a Youngstown State any day of the week but THAT much better.

I have no doubt that we will see a much better tOSU team next Saturday.