Feeling a little pressure Rick?

Well I guess he has been here long enough so it's Slick Rick's turn in the barrel at the hands of T.J. Simers.

Tough times at UCLA these days. The way the school has it set up, the sports information director can see the media arriving from his window, and so spotting Page 2 on Monday he got up and closed his door.

I thought about waiting for him to open it, but it could be basketball season before he does.

They've got their football schedule posted in the lobby of the Morgan Center, but it's 2007, because who wants to know who is going to beat the stuffing out of UCLA next in 2008?

I thought it was time, though, to give the new UCLA football coach the Page 2 Test on Monday, all newcomers in town getting the same treatment at one time or another.

The results, though, were shocking. Rick Neuheisel came off more uptight than Karl Dullard, and a bigger drip.

OUCH! That's gotta hurt and it doesn't get any easier in the "interview".

Look, I don't think anyone thought this was going to be easy for Slick Rick and most rational people would have been willing to cut him some slack but when you make grandiose statements and buy ads in the paper and then don't produce...well if you stand up high enough people are going to throw rocks at at you. I think the sliding scale of expectations is at an all-time low...

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