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Wright pleads not guilty, released on own recognizance

I know Frak touched on it briefly in his Fan Post but I wanted to throw a few thoughts out there myself.

I held off on discussing this because its easy to comment on things at face value without knowing the basic details of a story like this.

Wright, 21, was detained by Colton police but not arrested after he declined to leave a party at the Colton home of a Luis Alvarado, a friend of Wright's who was being deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Marines.

Colton police responding to noise complaints arrived at the party with a K9 unit, and at least one person was tasered during the incident, Juarez said.

"When you show up with a K9 unit and start tasering people, I think it's an overreaction," Juarez said.

All non-residents of the home were ordered by police to leave the home, but Wright told police he could not leave because he had been drinking and had planned to spend the night at the Alvarado home, Juarez said.

Alvarado's mother also asked police to let Wright stay at the home, said Juarez and Ruben Morales, another Wright friend. Wright, who grew up in Colton, frequently stays at the Alvarado home when he returns to the area, Juarez and Morales said.

That's kind of an important detail right there. Wright does the responsible thing in not getting into a car and driving under the influence and because of his responsibility he is charged with resisting an officer? More puzzling is the fact that he was detained, interviewed and the released only to have the D.A. come back and charge him with resisting. I mean come on you had him detained, you interviewed him and then you released him. If truly resisted why was he not arrested at the time of detention? These guys can't be serious. What new information did they obtain after the fact that made them decide to charge him?

You can already here the outrage coming from across town...

Now, Wright isn't necessarily squeaky clean here as he has two failure to appear on his record for two traffic violations and while one has nothing to do with the other the perception is one of a player who doesn't respect the legal process.

As for how this affects Wrights status with the team it's up to Pete Carroll and he is being consistent in his approach.

Here’s what USC coach Pete Carroll had to say Wednesday about junior cornerback Shareece Wright, who earlier in the day pled not guilty to felony resisting a police officer in connection with a party that got out of hand in his hometown of Colton earlier this month:

Question: How will you handle the Shareece Wright situation in terms of the team?

Carroll: “I don’t know enough about it. I didn’t get to talk to him enough today before practice. We’ll find out more what’s going on in the next couple of days.”

Question: Will you make any kind of determination, if any, this week?

Carroll: “It depends. I don’t know any of the circumstances right now. I just know what happened before. I need to find out what today was all about. I’m not worried about the time frames here. I just need really good information to see what it all means.”

Like I said, you can already hear the outrage.

This isn't my problem, it's Wright's problem and USC's problem. If he broke the rules SC will met out whatever punishment they see fit. I liken this to disciplining children, I don't tell other parrents how punish their kids and I don't want them to tell me how to punish mine. Funny how innocent until proven guilty only matters when it comes to someone you support. But if its anyone else that basic right no longer applies. Go figure...

I trust Pete Carroll and Mike Garrett will handle it as they see fit. Enough said...