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USC, best of an era, best in the land...right

Where have I heard this before?

USC's dominating win over Ohio State has once again cranked up the hype machine about just how great this team is and it has again put a heap of expectations on the program. I really rather liked SC being ranked 3rd or 4th in the polls as it took the pressure off them and allowed UGA or OU to feel the heat of expectations while SC worked on getting the offense in tip top shape. The fact is SC appears to be ahead of schedule in getting the offense up to speed and they have been so dominant in its first two games that it is hard not to see just how good this team is.

A lot of the hype in previous years were based on past performances from 2004 and 2005 with a lot of the same talent on the team. We all saw SC falter in 3 out of 4 games in the past 2 seasons that we should won and those losses kept us out two more BCS title games. But most of the players from the 2004 and 2005 teams aren't here anymore and the personality of this team has taken on a new dynamic.

Once again SC has shown its ability to to take on prominent national programs and not only win but dominate in the process.. yes of course there will be some detractors that say that SC's wins were against a very weak UVA team and an overrated OSU team that that been dominated in the last two BCS title games but in the end SC did what people expect us to do, win and win big!

And because of those stellar efforts we are now going to be rewarded with comments like this:

The USC faithful, of course, will now officially enter their obnoxious mode. When the Trojans look earmarked for greatness, their fans go from haughty to unbearable. Trojan Nation will now swell like a blowfish. Little cardinal and gold happy feet everywhere.

Something to do with a couple of recent national championships, six consecutive top four finishes in The Associated Press poll, and now this. Another Carroll edition that appears a lot like his past USC editions. Out with the old juggernaut, in with the new juggernaut.

Wow Steve!

You been hanging out with Roy Small again?

SC may not have finished the job in 2006 and 2007 but when compared to most other programs SC has consistently been in the national discussion. I was talking to another SC fan on Saturday about how the the rest of the Pac-10 was doing he said he could care less...SC is a NATIONAL Program and as long as SC continues to win it doesn't really matter what the rest of the conference does. While I don't completely agree with that sentiment I completely understand the logic. It also means that as long as SC wins our fans will have a bit of an uppity attitude so deal with it.

It hasn't been perfect but this program under Pete Carroll has done nothing but win...on the field, on the recruiting trail and in the press. USC's success has given those in the press something to write about. This isn't some cheap parlor trick of putting a full page ad in the paper or making bold speeches about changing the football landscape in LA and then getting blown out 59-0 with some supposed dream team for a coaching staff. This is about getting it done and for their first two games SC has done just that.

Same old same old.

Then there is Plaschke's take:

Who is going to beat them?

You tell me, after watching the Trojans dismantle the country's fifth-ranked team by 32 points Saturday night, exactly who is going to be better than them?

"If we practice and prepare as we have done, I don't think anybody," said beaming Trojan Kyle Moore, standing firm on the unscarred Coliseum field, saucer-eyed Ohio State players trudging around him.

This supposed game of the century ended up being a referendum on the last eight years.

You can stop debating the identity of the best team of the Coach Pete Carroll era, because, in four months, everyone will agree.

This will be it.

This was more than a 35-3 victory against an experienced group that has appeared in the last two national championship games.

This was more than a second victory in a season in which the Trojans have outscored their two major-college opponents by a combined 87-10.

This was linebacker Rey Maualuga scoring on an interception return by outrunning a wide receiver.

This was quarterback Mark Sanchez getting his Favre on by throwing four touchdown passes from his heels, his toes and his wits.

This was a debutante ball for the future undefeated national champions.

"This was USC football," said linebacker Brian Cushing, smiling under the "Feel Me" sign etched into his eye black.

Easy there Bill! We have a ways to go before anyone can anoint this team as the best ever. The last time I heard that it was coming from the WWL when they profiled the 2005 team and we know how that worked out.

It's hard not get all hyped up but we have been down this road before and we have fallen short so SC need to do what they do best ...take it one game at a time.