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Beanie Wells will not play

Well this is quite disappointing.

Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells will not play for the fifth-ranked Buckeyes against No. 1 Southern California on Saturday night.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel made the announcement late Friday afternoon after the team went through a 40-minute walkthrough at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

"He's been getting treatment 15 times a day," Tressel told the assembled media just minutes after he told his team of the decision. "I guess if looks could kill he fought me. I just told the team because it's important our guys know what we thought we should do."

This doesn't change anything at all. It may may make it 'easier" for USC but not that much. It can also bring this OSU team together. Will we see more of Pryor? Hard to say, it really depends how the game plan was really set up but I still go back to what I wrote earlier about Tressel being conservative.

We'll see how it goes....