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When Beanie Wells is well...

Despite not having attended the University of Michigan, Frau DC Trojan grew up in within earshot of Michigan Stadium and as such the Ohio State Buckeyes are not welcomed on our television. Indeed, her reaction to their late game resurgence against plucky little Ohio last weekend was to mutter something about souls, garage sales, and the devil, but I can't be sure quite what she meant.

In any case, on the news that Beanie Wells is healthy enough to be put on the field, I thought I'd scan the internet for highlight reels. There are plenty of them, but most are far too long. However, there were two that I think highlighted what SC needs to worry about:

1) Wells' ability to hit the hole

2) A little bit of tank action in the secondary

(Someone call the ASPCA because he abused that Husky...)

Standard caveats apply: there are certainly more Buckeye starters that you need to worry about. Still, if Wells is this healthy for the entirety of the SC game, it's going to be an interesting night.