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For USC, they can't afford to be complacent...

The problem that SC needs to be wary of this week is not to get complacent. Its easy to get wrapped up in your own press clippings while you wait a week before you start to prepare for the biggest game of the college football season. The other problem is being lulled into a false sense of security as you watch the team you are going to play struggle against a pretty unknown team.

The Buckeyes know they played poorly, we know they played poorly and anyone else that pays attention to college football knows they played poorly but so what. SC played poorly against Stanford and the bounced back finishing the season pretty strong. Even though the Buckeyes played poorly they hope they can use that to lull SC into thinking this will be an easy game.

"They're probably thinking it's going to be a slam-dunk win after watching us today playing (Ohio)," running back Maurice Wells said. "But they don't really know how good (Ohio) is."

So maybe you've lulled the mighty Trojans to sleep?

"Maybe so," he said.

While I really couldn't care less what Maurice thinks I am pretty sure that SC won't be taking them lightly. But you never know that Stanford thing. SC needs to treat tOSU like they are the national champs on another run to the title game. They need to go for the throat and put the pedal to metal and not let up.

Others are also quick to point out that SC needs to be careful not to get complacent. From Colin Cowherd's show on Monday.

I have to agree with a lot about what he says especially about how Tressle will motivate his team but that can be a slippery slope as well...tOSU could get tight when things get tough...we have seen it before.

SC has played well against top teams in the past. Auburn, Arkansas, Nebraska and of course Oklahoma all come to mind. I have no doubt that Pete Carroll will do everything in his power to have this team ready But it is up to the players to execute and reading too much into a lackluster win against a fired up Ohio team could have devastating affects if they are not careful.

Everyone and their mother is hyping this game so the atmosphere on campus and on the practice field must be crazy but I have faith that Pete Carroll will keep the players on an even keel but it will be up to the players to keep their wits about them on the field and not make costly mistakes. In short they have no excuse but to not go out and perform well.

As the hype began shifting into overdrive for his team's game against Ohio State, USC Coach Pete Carroll today spoke admiringly of the Buckeyes' storied program and the team that will visit the Coliseum on Saturday.

But he also directly addressed the top-ranked Trojans' readiness for a game that could propel them toward another Bowl Championship Series title-game appearance.

USC had an open date after its season-opening rout of Virginia, allowing Carroll and his staff to begin installing the game plan that will be refined over the next few days.

"By the end of the week we'll have no excuses," Carroll said during his weekly news conference on campus.

You can't read into or believe too much into your press clippings. That is a recipe for disaster.

I think we'll be OK, but you you know the old saying - "an ounce of prevention..."