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More on Sanchez

Earlier today I stated that the injury to Mark Sanchez while not being as bad as initially feared is still a big deal. ESPN and the LAT are reporting that the injury isn't as bad as initially feared.

From the LAT:

"Mark's injury is not as bad as a lot of people feared it was, so we'll take the reps until he gets back and we'll see what happens then," Mustain said today. Corp said he would keep the attitude he adopted on Friday after Sanchez went down. Corp passed for three touchdowns in the Trojans' final drill.

"I'm happy for Mark that the injury is not as serious as it could have been," Corp said. "But my thinking hasn't changed at all. I'm still going to compete for first team reps.

I guess thats good but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We now hear that Sanchez will probably not be day to day but more like week to week.

Dr. Craig Milhouse, team physician for the Angels and Ducks, said knee injuries like the one USC quarterback Mark Sanchez suffered Friday usually take “a matter of weeks” to heal.

Sanchez dislocated his left kneecap at the start of practice, and USC coach Pete Carroll said Sanchez would be “day-to-day” starting Monday, when he’s slated to begin a rehabilitation program.

Milhouse — who hasn’t examined Sanchez’s knee and stressed that “every single case is different” — said that when someone dislocates their kneecap, the soft tissue inside the knee needs time to heal.

Milhouse estimated the average recovery period at 4-6 weeks. USC opens its season at Virginia three weeks from today.

On the positive side, Milhouse said it was a good sign that tests showed no additional damage to Sanchez’s knee.

I knew someone with some experience would step up up and publicly give us a more realistic prognosis.

No one wants Sanchez healthy more than me. But this is where we are at this time, it is unrealistic to think that Sanchez will ready to go by August 30th. If he is thats great but I certainly don see him being ready.

Sanchez's dad is reported as saying to ESPN's Shelly Smith that Sanchez will be out 4 weeks.

We all need to take a deep breath and let it all play out. Mustain is an adequate replacement and with our coaching staff I think we are in pretty good hands.