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UPDATED...Sanchez has a dislocated Patella


First Scott Schrader over at WEAreSC reported it.

Apparently Mark dislocated his left kneecap. That's the latest word coming from campus. More details later.

Once this is confirmed we will look at his injury in more detail.

More to come...

UPDATE: Here is a little more from the OCR:

Onlookers said Sanchez was throwing the ball to teammate Clay Matthews, hopped after completing the toss, landed awkwardly on his foot and twisted his knee.

“He was all by himself,” USC coach Pete Carroll said. “It was a silly thing that happened.”

Carroll did not know the severity of the injury but said he hoped to have news sometime tonight. About 6:25 p.m., offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian said a doctor was on his way to examine Sanchez’s knee and give a preliminary diagnosis.

About a half-hour after practice, Sanchez emerged from an SUV on crutches with a large black brace on his left knee. He used the crutches to slowly make his way into the USC locker room.

We'll keep you posted...

UPDATE II: The OCR is also reporting that it is a dislocated Patella:

USC starting quarterback Mark Sanchez suffered a dislocated left kneecap during practice today.

Coach Pete Carroll termed Sanchez’s status as a “day-to-day thing” starting Monday, when he is scheduled to begin rehabilitating the knee. He will be immobilized through the weekend.

Carroll did not rule out Sanchez being available for the season opener Aug. 30 at Virginia.

“We lucked out,” Carroll said.

It will interesting to see what the severity of this injury is.