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They never knew what hit them...


Photo: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

Or you can say speed kills...

Some interesting quotes this morning from the Virginia locker room.

"Their speed was pretty unbelievable," quarterback Peter Lalich said.

Tailback Cedric Peerman agreed: "Speed everywhere."

Virginia tight end John Phillips mused, "They were really fast."

"He [Lalich] had to make those [passes] without having the opportunity to get much of a look at the defense," Groh said. "The pocket didn't hold up very long."

[...] wide receiver Jared Green also struggled to put the game in context, saying he would need to look at film.

Asked about the USC defense, he said: "I don't know what to say about those guys . . . it was a tough game, man."

Talk about a beaten team.

I know that UVA is shadow of its former self when compared to last season but SC did it on the road, against a BCS conference opponent and not some Division II patsy. This doesn't guarantee anything against anyone else but it was great start to the season.