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The Great Unknown?

It's Time!

When SC takes the field against UVA this afternoon all the questions that we have wondered about will start to be answered. This team has gotten a lot of love probabbly because of the defense while all the new faces on the offensive line offer some mystery that's makes this team hard to peg.

An early injury to Mark Sanchez 3 weeks ago led to an accelerated QB battle between Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp there were questions there as well as both had their ups and downs in camp. Which runningback and which receiver would be the go-to guy is another legitimate but trite question.

We didn't know how the team would do when Booty took the helm but they were right in the thick of things in 2006 until 13-9. In 2007 they were on track for another run until Stanford derailed them. I won't lay on Booty that is all on the coaches for allowing them to sty in with a broken finger.

The fact is no one really knows until the players take the field and and actually play a game. Even Pete Carroll isn't sure about what he has.

USC coach Pete Carroll admitted he cannot really predict how the Trojans will play today against Virginia.

Asked if USC is ready for a game after three weeks of practices, Carroll said: "Honestly, I don't see that. I don't see signs of it. I don't know that I ever do."

Carroll said his main concern is whether the Trojans will avoid beating themselves with mistakes.

"We have to take care of ourselves," Carroll said. "One of the hardest decisions for coaches is how much (preparation) is enough. I always thought that was the most difficult aspect of it.

Well, can any coach predict how his team will play? You can practice and scrimmage all you want but only a real game will show you the product that you have. It was easy when you had Leinart and Bush, as those commodities were proven and well known. SC always loading up with to talent also has a lot to with the high expectations. Sure SC takes some criticism for having too many running backs or too many receivers but would the critics complain if there were "too many" offensive lineman? You would still have the same issues of stockpiling talent.

Even the press, who has been known to jump on the SC bandwagon, doesn't know what to expect.

They're a monster. They will destroy your team. Pulverize it into small pieces and then sneer at the laughable remains.


USC begins its new season today on the muggy campus designed by "The Sage of Monticello," as a whopping 19-point favorite over Virginia.

Send condolences to the Cavaliers?

The Trojans are ranked second or third in the polls. A popular pick to appear in the BCS title game. An indestructible college football force.

Must it be true if everybody keeps saying it's so?

Typical of the press...always trying to stir up controversy as they are the ones that keep saying that SC is the best thing around. For the most part they, SC, have been pretty consistent with 6 straight Pac-10 titles and BCS bowl games, so people just think it's just an automatic that SC will be up there every year. But People expect Titles and as we all know SC has fallen short of that goal the past 2 seasons.

I am actually more excited this year than last because we get to see some players that could really have some impact. Damian Williams is one player that I can't wait to see and I think he could be the spark the receivers need to have a break out year. We have already seen what Joe McKnight can do but this season I want to see what he did late in the season last year right out of blocks this season. New faces like Blake Ayles should also provide some interesting story lines in 2008.

I am happy where SC is right now. This will hopefully make them hungry to want to prove everyone wrong. Let UGA or tOSU stay in the spot light. Let them fall under the scrutiny of high expectaions. Let's see if they can perform at a high level year in and year out (and I don't mean tOSU backing into the title game with their weak schedule).

I like our chances better than most and the depth of talent will enable SC to be in the hunt for another shot at the title. We will find out today just what this team is made of.