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Mustain disappointed but certainly not giving up

When Aaron Corp was named back-up over Mitch Mustain a lot of us I'm sure were surprised that Corp caught up to Mustain. It happens and thats what competition is all about. I am not really sure why Mustain with his game experience was not able to grasp the the SC system as well as Corp did but it's really immaterial at this point. What I do know is that COrp needs to keep on his toes and keep improving while Mustain won't quit because anything can happen. Things can turn on a dime.

"I've heard it's one of the toughest positions in sports -- you have to keep preparing like you're going to play," Corp said Wednesday.

Corp beat out Arkansas transfer Mitch Mustain for the back-up role against Virginia by demonstrating a better command of the offense.

The mobile Corp began making a move toward the end of spring practice and continued his ascent after Sanchez suffered a dislocated kneecap Aug. 8.

Coaches quietly informed Corp and Mustain of their status a few days ago, but the competition will continue, Coach Pete Carroll said.

No surprise there as competition is king at USC.

Even the coaches aren't willing to call the competition complete as it is an ongoing process. Mustain seems to have his head in the right spot over the whole thing.

A day after USC officially named Aaron Corp its No. 2 quarterback, Mitch Mustain said he would not consider transferring to another school.

"I've still got three years," Mustain said. "It's a long time for things to happen."

Asked if he was sent down to the scout team, Mustain said, "If I get sent down that far, I'm in trouble."

Asked if that might prompt him to call the University of Tulsa, where his high school coach, Gus Malzahn, is offensive coordinator, Mustain said, "I don't know about that."

It's good to see that someone is taking it like a man because I have absolutely no idea why Scott Wolf would ask that question. Wolf's love fest with Mustain since his transfer from Arkansas has been fun to watch but it seems that it was obviously from afar. I have a hard time seeing Pete Carroll offering a spot to Mustain if he thought he would bolt if he didn't get the starting job. I'm sure they vetted Mustain pretty thoroughly especially after the whole mess at Arkansas.

This sort of questioning just stirs the pot and further makes Wolf look bad in how he covers his alma mater. This isn't even reporting it's more like tabloid journalism. Mustain tranferring a second time never entered my mind, that would be career suicide so I am not sure why Wolf would think that. Mind boggling...

To his credit Wolf is correct in the assumption that Mustain's experience was supposed to be the one thing that would have put him in the drivers seat for the starting job going all the way back to spring ball but we don't see what the coaches see.

Always comPete, this is pretty much business as usual at SC. I still think we will see all of them get some playing time if SC handles UVA early, not a given but you never know.