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Depth Chart Finalized

Well maybe not completely finalized as anything can happen in this final week. The OCR's USC blog has the latest version for the offense and the defense/special teams.

Was: Mark Sanchez, Mitch Mustain, Aaron Corp (above)
Is: Mark Sanchez, Aaron Corp or Mitch Mustain, Garrett Green
Thoughts: The coaches refused to separate Corp and Mustain throughout camp, so why start now?

Was: Patrick Turner or David Ausberry
Is: Patrick Turner or Damian Williams
Thoughts: No surprise here at all. Williams was the most consistent receiver during training camp.

Was: Charles Brown, Butch Lewis
Is: Charles Brown, Tyron Smith
Thoughts: Lewis moved to the right side, where he’s starting.

Was: Zack Heberer or Thomas Herring
Is: Zack Heberer or Alex Parsons
Thoughts: It’s somewhere between surprising and perplexing to see Parsons listed as a co-starter...

Other items worth noting: Freshman TE Blake Ayles went from fifth pre-camp to third post-camp, and the arrow is pointing up. … USC continues to list Joe McKnight, C.J. Gable, Stafon Johnson and Allen Bradford as “co-starters” at tailback.

Was: Averell Spicer or Christian Tupou, DaJohn Harris, Jurrell Casey
Is: Averell Spicer or Christian Tupou, Jurrell Casey
Thoughts: USC moved Harris to defensive tackle, where his body (6-4, 285) is more in line with what Pete Carroll looks for at that position.

Was: Everson Griffen or Clay Matthews, Andrew Weiss, Nick Perry
Is: Everson Griffen or Clay Matthews, Malik Jackson
Thoughts: Jackson is another of those fab freshmen.

Was: Kaluka Maiava or Luthur Brown
Is: Kaluka Maiava
Thoughts: Brown couldn’t practice during training camp because of a back injury. If/when he returns, it’s possible he could move to middle linebacker...

Other items worth noting: Promising freshman SS Drew McAllister rose from No. 5 pre-camp to No. 3 post-camp. … Freshman Chris Pousson will be the snapper on field goals and extra points.

You can find the complete depth chart here.