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How about as many as we need...

That is the answer to Steve Dilbeck's question in his column this morning.

Here they go again, that 10-headed monster reduced to the supposedly more palatable six-headed variety.

Around USC, that qualifies as progress.

The Trojans have been stockpiling talent for years, and even if they have four quarterbacks better than most teams' starter (see: UCLA), that embarrassment of riches has never been more obvious than at tailback.

Former superstar high school running backs trip over each other in the locker room at Heritage Hall. Guys with prep resumes that are the story of legend.

Last year, the Trojans started the season with 10, and in truth, no one ever emerged as the guy. Former South Torrance High standout Chauncey Washington was a senior, so the others could make some kind of psychological deference, but different games often highlighted different backs.

Uh...Hey Steve!

Already asked and answered. You might want to get with the program. I guess some people don't do too much homework when they write their columns. Petros asked the same question and its pretty much answered the same way.

As I have said before even the press is on the SC bandwagon and has high expectations.

USC could argue it worked out well enough last season. After all, the Trojans went 11-2, won the Rose Bowl and finished ranked No. 3 in the country.

But under Carroll at USC, realistic or not, annual expectations are national championships. It was a great season, but ..

Come on Steve, don't have anything better to write about?

There is no connection to the running back rotation and not beating Stanford last season. Sure you could point to Washington not being able to punch it in but the reason we lost that game was because of Booty's 4 INT's and the defense letting Stanford convert two monster plays on that last drive. I could probably point to others but at this point it's pointless. Win that game and we play in the MNC.

I have no idea how SC will do this year as there are a bunch of other issues other than the running backs that need to play out for this season to be a success.

Can we please move on...