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Pre-Season BlogPoll

I didn't get crazy in analyzing every team that I have listed in my pre-season blogpoll. With still another week before the first games and with a number of teams facing injury issues and positional issues its really hard to give each team its due. When I filled my ballot out last week I put USC at #4 because of the questions on the O line and the uncertainty of the injury to Mark Sanchez. This really a thumbnail sketch and there is no question that things will definitely shake up after the first week of the season.

You can see the full poll results here.

A couple of notes:

Florida like SC, are where they are due to injury issues.

I know that UGA has lost Sturdivant for the year and he is an important cog on their O line but they have a lot of talent to help balance it out.

Ohio State at #2 is because of 20 players they are returning this season. They will not be a pushover on Sept.13th

I think Oklahoma has a real chance to win the Big 12. In fact from top to bottom I think the Big 12 could have the best conference this season.

Until Arizona State can show me that their O line can protect Rudy Carpenter I am not buying into all the talk that they could be the team to unseat SC in the PAC-10 in 2008, that's why I have them where they are.

I still think Oregon is the sleeper team in the PAC-10. They placed so much on Dennis Dixon last year that when he went down the team crumbled under the weight of all those expectations. I think they are more balanced this year and without any high expectations this season they may be able to sneak in under the radar and surprise some people.

Cal is the endless enigma this season. Will they live up to the expectations that are so high in the Peoples Republic or will they get mired in a QB controversy that will lead a very passionate and knowledgeable fan base to split into separate camps for Riley or Longshore?

Rank Team Delta
1 Georgia 25
2 Ohio State 24
3 Oklahoma 23
4 Southern Cal 22
5 Florida 21
6 Missouri 20
7 Clemson 19
8 Texas 18
9 Auburn 17
10 West Virginia 16
11 LSU 15
12 Virginia Tech 14
13 Oregon 13
14 Wisconsin 12
15 Texas Tech 11
16 Arizona State 10
17 Tennessee 9
18 South Florida 8
19 Brigham Young 7
20 Kansas 6
21 Illinois 5
22 California 4
23 Penn State 3
24 Wake Forest 2
25 Fresno State 1

Dropped Out:

Feel free to discuss and offer your thoughts.