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Gable Sprains Ankle and Hip

Updated and bumped form last night.
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There is never a good time to get injured and I couldn't possibly imagine how Gable is feeling or what is going through his head right now. After missing most of last season with an abdominal injury that needed to repaired surgically. Gable had high hopes about this season and it was apparent that he was going to once again get some major touches.

Here was the preliminary report from the OCR Blog last night:

Gable’s leg got caught underneath his body as a defender tackled him in the backfield about halfway through practice.

Gable lay on the ground for several minutes before being helped off the field. He left practice on a cart.

This morning I am reading that its a high ankle sprain, the worst of all non-fracture injuries to the ankle. This can be a real bad actor and the recovery times varies from person to person.

I won't really comment on the hip injury until I know exactly what it is. The MRI today will provide a more definitive answer once I know I will put something together.

The one thing I find that is kind of ironic is how the press is playing the angle of our depth at running back. Pete Carroll's use of a rotation has continually been questioned but this is actually the perfect reason as to why HIS system works. I never want to see a player go down but if you have the depth to plug someone else in then I think any questions about how and why Carroll does it this way have once again been answered.

So, I will keep an eye on this and make some inquiries when I get into the city tis morning, I have just the guy to ask. Let's hope that it is nothing serious and that C.J. can get back on the field as fast as he can.