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Wow! The haters are out in full force!!

Over on WeAreSC I saw a thread to about former Washington Huskie Ed Cunningham taking his shots at SC on Colin Cowherd's show today. You can listen to it below.

I liked this..."the most overrated team in the top 5".

Thats rich who would he put in the top five in place of SC? I can deal with his opinion, the more negative press the better as it will only help to motivate this team. Cunningham hates SC so much that he thinks that tOSU is going to beat SC handily...just one problem there pal we have a pretty good defense that you barely even mentioned.

Unfortunately, Cunningham is a little off on his facts on McKnight who only missed two days of spring ball so I don't think he missed much.

Yes, SC's Offensive line is young but if the O line is such a liability why were they voted so high in the polls. Yes, both Sanchez and McKnight are injured but its not like they will miss the whole season. I think some of these points are valid but the way he positioned his points. I have no idea what he was thinking when he asked that if Sanchez was so great why didn't he start over Booty?

Is this guy nuts?? When has Pete Carroll ever given the starting job to an underclassman when the senior QB was well established in the system?

This is the same Ed Cunningham who was slobbering all over Iowa when they ran the opening kick-off back in the 2002 Orange Bowl. It was absolutely hysterical listening to him as SC just rolled and set the tone for what would be this incredible run.

He reminds me of another "expert" who didn't think much of SC...

How's that workin' out for ya Trev?

HT:USC2k7 over at WeAreSC