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McKnight Hyperextends Elbow

Coming off a freak dorm injury last week TB Joe McKnight hyperextended his elbow in Saturdays scrimmage.

The sophomore from Louisiana spent Sunday night's practice on a golf cart, wearing a near full-length brace on his right arm. McKnight suffered a hyperextended elbow in the Trojans' scrimmage at the Coliseum the night before, Coach Pete Carroll said.

McKnight's latest mishap came only a few days after he injured two fingers, including a slight fracture at the tip of one, when a teammate accidentally closed a dormitory door on McKnight's right hand.

McKnight sat out parts of a few practices after that mishap. He was previously sidelined because of a skin irritation.

That's a little disconcerting. Not so much about this injury, I can accept an injury in the full contact of practice, but when you combine all the little things the time missed by not being on the practice field it adds up and that can diminish McKnight's preparedness. McKnight is just too valuable to this team to be missing time to some pretty off the wall things.

His role is just too valuable to not have him getting reps.