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All you need is a computer and an opinion!

This is one reason why bloggers or amateur writers get lambasted by the traditional media. That a "reputable" sports site like Fox Sports, who picked this up, makes this even more mind boggling.

This is like shooting fish in a barrel, I don't even have to try. I will let Dr. Saturday, formerly SMQ do all the work here.

Elsewhere in stupid polling, FOX Sports pointlessly counts down its top ten programs of the last decade, and comes to a rather, shall we say, surprising conclusion:

1) Boise State (102-24; .809) - It’s tough for me not to put an asterisk here, as Boise doesn’t play in a BCS conference; and up until a few years ago, very few people even knew they existed.

Boise State's record against BCS conference teams since 1998: 4-12. This would be far more ridiculous if FOX wasn't ranking the teams strictly according to winning percentage, which is a dumb way to rank teams that don't play similar schedules and isn't clear at all to the casual reader -- who presumably then vents and raves at the impudence of ranking a WAC team No. 1 in any regard while omitting two-time BCS champion LSU from the list entirely...

Look, Boise State is neat story and a decent team but they are in no way in upper echelon of college football. As Hinton points out the writer here attempts to make a leap using a very limited group of stats (wins/losses) in a very finite amount of time. Yes, winning matters but it isn't just about how many you have won but what you have won as well. You know conference titles, MNC's etc.

A piece like this only stirs up unneeded controversy while giving credence to those who would rail against bloggers or amateur writers and the many negative things that we have seen and heard from the likes of Bissinger, Conlin and even Wolf.

I am all for moving the conversation forward and even having a spirited and hopefully civil debate but this is just way out of left field, or as Hinton says...Yeah, it's dumb...