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Hansen can't retire fast&nb<script type=

Outgoing Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen still doesn't get it.

CBS signs a 15-year deal to televise SEC games, In addition to the broadcast rights on CBS Sports, the deal includes digital, internet, wireless, Video-on-Demand, data and enhanced highlight rights across all CBS platforms, including CBS College Sports Network and

Simulcasts of CBS Sports games will be available for distribution by the CBS College Sports Network.

By contrast, the Pac-10 will televise 12 games on the Versus Network.

Christ, I could do a better job of marketing than Hansen does.

He cannot be gone fast enough. Sure some of the marquis games will be on a major network but some of these other games will once again fall into regional coverage and Versus isn't exactly a media giant.

Catching the NCAA tournament on the internet as awesome we need to have some of that forward thinking for the Pac- 10.